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Question Narcissist with Happy Friends?

Hi everyone, I have a question. My girlfriend is a narcissist and while she treats me negatively most of the time, I noticed something that made me curious. She has 2 friends, one male and one female. These are her closest friends, and they are happy all the time around my narcissist girlfriend.

Is it possible for a narcissist to treat their partner like crap and still have great happy relationships with her 2 best friends? They are not mutual friends, but when she is with them, and they take photos with their phones, they are all very happy and smiling. Why doesn't she treat them badly like she treats me? It would seem all the same narcissistic traits would be in full effect with her friends , but they are not.

I just think it's interesting when she spends time with me, she is always frowning, negative and in a bad mood. Of course she is doing all the standard narcissist stuff with me. But with her friends everything is awesome. Does anyone know why this is?
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