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Default Duty vs Desire || Potential SA triggers

*** SA trigger warning*** possibly?

I identify as asexual. My partner knows this and claims to be on the ace spectrum as well, but she's 'demi-sexual' which means she needs an emotional connection before she feels sexual arousal/attraction.

So I wrestle with feeling like I'm holding her back. I know what she wants and yet I've started pulling away from even innocent touches knowing where she wants it to go.

I give in occasionally. I start feeling guilty that it's been too long and that that's not fair and let know.

And this is her birthday week so I feel like I should ... like that's what good gf's do right? I just I really hate sex.

I'm also on meds that contribute to low libido and difficult achieving orgasm.

Possible trigger:

The obvious answer is to just talk to her but how do you tell someone that? I'm so freaking mortified and terrified to post this. I'm not even sure if this is the right place for it. I'm sorry.
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