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Memory loss is one of the only positive aspects of Dementia and stroke.

As I have contemplated my memories, good and bad, I realize that they are a part of me, they verify my existence. I am troubled when I look at what I wish I could have done differently and know that I can't change what occurred, I can only learn from it. I guess in a way that defines wisdom.

Sadly, wisdom comes after the experiences have occurred, often when it's too late or I am too old to create a more meaningful life. You know, because of the order in which wisdom develops, it provides me with a hint that this will not be my only life. I suppose my hope is that I may someday, in some other mindful manifestation, be able to correct the wrongs.

In this life it seems that the gift of your wisdom can be passed on and the hope that someone pauses long enough to listen and learn from your experiences with memory.
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