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Default Re: Melissa's Exercise Tracking Thread - Feel Free to Join Me!

I'd like to join in. I started walking to college recently when the weather is nice. I took the bus today because it was freezing and windy but I try to walk as often as I can. I recently got a fitbit which monitors my steps I take. One fairly active days I can get 10,000 steps pretty easily. I can do more than that though, much more. I need to push myself a bit. Trying to eat healthier too.

Hoping the weather warms up sometime soon, it's ridiculous here in NY. It's almost April and there's still ice on the ground from the huge snowstorm last week.

I am gonna try to go to the gym (ymca) on Saturday and walk on the treadmill and use their biking machines.

I haven't been taking walks just to take walks lately though which I should. I only leave the house when I'm going somewhere. Maybe I'll start to wander around and explore more downtown when it's nice.

I finally got myself an iPod. That is very helpful for working out.

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