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Originally Posted by NothingPeopleDo View Post
How can I get rid of all the negativity I've been through? I hope someone can help, there's been way too much for just one person and I just can't let go. Please help me... I need to release all my bad memories and I don't know how to do it.
I'll be blunt.

You can't "get rid of" it. It's an unwinnable battle. Those things you've been through will always be there in your mind. The key is to change your perspective on it, change the meaning. Give it a different kind of relevance.

I've found that actually talking about my "bad" memories with someone that I trust to be helpful. As well as just not running away from it. Staring it down, unafraid.

I can see you're suffering, you know how to find me if you need to talk.

Clever username, by the way.
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