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Default Re: Death Magick Thread

Rushalka demon naked
Rushalka wood nymph unwedded
In river's bottom she will take you
And forever there she will keep you
Rushalka spirit wrathful
Rushalka ghost unfaithful
When you hear me when you see me
Then your life has no meaning

Look at me I am dancing - Hear me I am singing
Come here darling - Death is what you feel

^Rotting Christ, I love listening when feeling dark or depressed without reason. I guess there are levels and classes of depression, and mixed states. Uncertainty is a *****. Panic attacks and their depressive aftertaste. Past mistakes and future fears.

Trigger for starting this thread was anxiety article that redirected to a porn site. I didnt click but just the apology made me uneasy. I also guess every part of our psyche has a shadow.

I like to make my shadow stylish and symbolic. Otherwise it would result in another shadow and it would create a circle of pain. Maybe. And also I like mysteries.

Im not sure how Im feeling today.

Hello psychcentral!
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