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Default Re: Recovery from psychosis...

Originally Posted by OliverB View Post
Probably CBT is not able to take psychosis away, but I wonder if it is able to teach how to live with it. I have notices psychosis goes worse with stress. First there is a voice, and if you get stressed about it you get two I don't know if it is like this for all people, but I have found it true for myself, if I calmer and don't get stressed about the psychosis it doesn't get worse, while if I focuse on it get much more worse. Of course, sometimes it can be severe even if I am not stressed by it only because of external stress. I guess stressors are a big trigger and people with psychosis are specially sensitive to them, like an hypereactive brain.

I guess it's also possible to get severly psychotic without any stressor, but I find it more difficult to happen, at least for me, if I stay calm I only get maximum moderately psychotic (some dairly life things are stresfull for me, even if they are not "normal" stressors like an over demanding boss at work). I guess I am going to make a thread about this.

When you say "the way I was thinking about other people" was it a psychotic/paranoid way?
Probably a bit paranoid like I thought people didn't like me and we're talking about me and occasionally I would overhear but I think those were more thoughts than hearing if that makes sense.....
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