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Default Re: Recovery from psychosis...

Originally Posted by Sometimes psychotic View Post
For me I would say that meds took care of 90% of the psychosis and cbt the remaining 10%----I just don't think cbt on its on is good enough for me at least but it may be one of those things that's variable just like medication.....but cbt was super helpful in dealing with the way I was thinking about other people I owe the friends/boyfriend to that.... meds really wouldn't touch my social difficulties.
Probably CBT is not able to take psychosis away, but I wonder if it is able to teach how to live with it. I have notices psychosis goes worse with stress. First there is a voice, and if you get stressed about it you get two I don't know if it is like this for all people, but I have found it true for myself, if I calmer and don't get stressed about the psychosis it doesn't get worse, while if I focuse on it get much more worse. Of course, sometimes it can be severe even if I am not stressed by it only because of external stress. I guess stressors are a big trigger and people with psychosis are specially sensitive to them, like an hypereactive brain.

I guess it's also possible to get severly psychotic without any stressor, but I find it more difficult to happen, at least for me, if I stay calm I only get maximum moderately psychotic (some dairly life things are stresfull for me, even if they are not "normal" stressors like an over demanding boss at work). I guess I am going to make a thread about this.

When you say "the way I was thinking about other people" was it a psychotic/paranoid way?
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