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Default Recovery from psychosis...

So here is the deal, I have psychosis supposedly from bipolar----I'm fully recovered except for the fact that I have to take half a pill of abilify every night. I tried a med free trial after 2 years psychosis free but within 9 months I became symptomatic again. Meds are now part of my recovery instead of something I need to get off of. I have a PhD, I've been constantly working since the psychosis---I took a week in the hospital and then a weeks vacation to get my head straight. Even though my psychosis is intermittent it took a few years of therapy to feel comfortable have friends and a boyfriend that I love. I had an experimental (in the US) program called CBT for psychosis. I take a very low dose of abilify 7.5 mg. It can happen just know that while it will not happen for everyone it does happen.
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