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Default Re: Working Dissociative with a T

Originally Posted by elevatedsoul View Post
stress is wack, i cant handle that stuff very much

i guess im easily over stimulated, but it just confuses me because i guess of the fog

i was just wondering; you mentioned a tracking method? can you elaborate?
and also what medication you use if you could share?

thanks, stay strong

I get very over stimulated by my current environment and will be moving soon. Too light, sounds, you name it. and I am still located in a trauma sight. The last 10 years I have lived under high amounts of massive stress and it has taken it's toll on me. I found out I had PTSD roughly 2.5 years.

I use a system using 10 emotionally charged events in my life. 1 being the best 10 being the worst. The rest are filled in on a graduated scale...
I then use that to check in with myself once an hour and see where I am at. If I start seeing a lot of 7' and 8' I know a disassociating event is likely. Which means I need to back down from what ever I am involved which...

I am 6mg of Clonidine a day
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