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Default Re: Ex ignores me re: children

Originally Posted by Creative ToFu View Post
If you have been having a good relationship with him, I would just relax. The boys seems like they need this time with their father. I have found it is best to talk about the kids, when the kids aren't in the room listening. Let him be a dad while he is with them,without you interfering with your calls. Some day you are probably going to have other partners, and each side is going to need their space. It about boundaries. Set up a time for you two to talk about these issues without the kids listening. But bost of all relax! Most ex's don't call their exes even for the entire weekend or a week vacation when one had the kids. Enjoy the break instead! Even married parents, need a break from parenting once in a while! Let him take on some of this!

Wow. I'm surprised that I'm getting slammed for wanting to know when I'm supposed to take my son to his therapist appointment this afternoon and whether I'm supposed to disenroll my other son this morning as planned.

I guess I'll take all the advice and have nothing to do with my kids. I've been so sick lately I hardly get to see them, only talk to them on the phone and now I'm not even allowed to do that.

Sounds like my "interfering" to say goodnight to a child I haven't seen in a week or talked to in three days is a huge problem.

My ex and I have been the best of friends for nine years, talking every day about the kids. Guess that's a bad thing.

Last time I'll post on psych central.

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