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Default Re: Ex ignores me re: children

Originally Posted by Creative ToFu View Post
Ive been a stepmom for over 20 years. Is there any way you can talk to your ex after he has the kids? This should be his time with the kids (sounds like they need it) and anything other than a true emergency seems like it could wait. Couldn't most of these issues (like dis enrolling him) been planned before his visitation? I'm not sure if talking about the kids on the phone, while he has visitation is healthy for them to hear, and it also takes away time for them to bond with him. Unless you are worried your ex is harming your kids, it seems a little intrusive to be constantly contacting him during his visitation. Does he call you every 18 hours when you have the kids? Don't you trust him that as a parent, he can handle the kids himself when they are with him?

If I wait to talk to him when I have the kids, won't that take my time away from him? We've been communicating beautifully for nine years like this, and everyone comments (teachers, counsellors, etc) that we get along so well. It's been great for the kids.

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