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Default Re: Worried about nephew, need help.

I asked him when he was 12 if he liked girls and he said no, then asked do you like boys, and he said why do you want to know. He has a girl friend now, but she is a tomboy and likes guy stuff. And now, he says he always liked girls. I brought up the past and he was just silent. I just hope he figures things out, but it seems he blames being friends with me for his feelings at this point.

IDK, I'm just confused and heartbroken. I asked if it would be best if i was not in his life but he said he doesn't want me to leave and he would be angry.

To make it more confusing, he wants me to txt him daily saying, love you, miss you, or hug*. Because it makes him happy he said. I told him, don't you think you're to old for me to keep txting you this stuff?, and he says no.
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