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Default Worried about nephew, need help.

My nephew is almost 14 and very angry.

I've noticed he seems to be attracted to boys and girls, but says he only likes girls. The issue is, he seems to be feeling shame for liking boys too. I've tried to talk to him but he just lies, he told me recent that he thought a boy was sexy, but then says he never said that and he doesn't remember saying that.

My concern is if he is dealing with self hate or shame for his feelings then he may become self harming or try to ignore them and grown up being unhappy and angry all the time.

I'm gay and was just as angry when i was his age because I didn't want to be gay. I was always taught it was wrong and friends always made it out to be a bad wrong thing. When I finally got help then I accepted who I was and was not angry or ashamed of who i was.

We have always been close and I've been there to dry the tears and be loving and supportive but he even said recent that he was embarrassed and angry and wanted to forget the past. He always wanted me to hold him and wait on him hand and foot. Which i know I babied him and I may not should have. But I feel like he may think that he is attracted to guys because I'm gay.

When he was old enough I told him I was gay and he began crying telling me I didn't make you gay. It made no sense.

Recently, I went as far as telling him, If you need me to not be in your life to be happy then I can do that. It's heartbreaking and I don't know what to do. He does want me in his life and wants me to txt him daily and play video games.

The whole thing is confusing for me. I do know his parents told him repeatedly that it was wrong to want to see me and hang out with me. He called me cry and told me about it and then stated he knew where i lived and could walk there and i could adopt him. He constantly talked of emotional and mental abuse from his parents. But now it's like he is just ashamed of everything. Help!
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