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Default Re: Desperate mom!!

Welcome to Psych Central (PC) Tammy. Sorry to hear your daughter has been suffering from nighmares. Some people at PC will find a therapist that specializes in children to help them sort out what may be troubling your child.

Getting sleep may be the single one thing that keeps me in balance. If you or your chlid are not sleeping or having bad side affects, contact your doctor or psychiatrist and tell him what is happening so you can make adjustments.

Many people find compassionate, caring people here at PC. Some people find the forums give them the compassion and empathy they seek.

There are articles at PC that go into more detail about coping with nightmares in children
Psych Central - Search results for Nightmares in children

Please feel free to private message any of the Community Liaisons by left clicking on the name in blue to the left of their post) for questions or just to share.
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