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Ho-Kay. You are no doubt a lovely and caring young woman, and it is of course natural to want a child, especially since you have a stable relationship. Of course you do. But ...

This is bigger than you and your loneliness. It is a person you are considering here. And, um ... your boyfriend has a right to make this decision With You because it is one that will change His Life Forever too. It is not your call alone.

Have you considered babysitting, volunteering to rock the babies at the hospital, work in a homeless shelter for young mother's who would welcome another pair of hands as they juggle the endless responsibility of caring for their child?
Treasure that wonderful nesting feeling and store it away someplace safe so you can take it out from time to time and visit with it. Read and study what it is Really like to be in charge of someone else's life. You may be almost ready for this ...make no mistake...Life Altering decision.

But don't bring a person into the world until you and your boyfriend ~ together ~ make this choice.

I wish you only the very best as you face some really big decisions.
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