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is it too late for the morning after pill. you are romanticizing motherhood. a baby also takes, takes, takes and never gives......are you ready for that....being up all night, trying to calm a screaming infant when you have no idea what it wants? it is an 18 year commitment. you have many years ahead of you to make this decision of having a child. you have to be really together to take care of a child, and you admit, you can barely take care of yourself. a child doesn't offer unconditional love. it has to be taught it. do you know how to teach it? I am sorry to be harsh here but many people think a child is the solution to their problems and bring a child into the world unprepared and ill equipped. this leads to disastrous consequences. to give a child all the love and nurturing required you have to be in a very good place in life, financially, emotionally, mentally. don't you want to give your child the best? it should not be about what a child can give you, but about what you can give a child. this is a huge commitment. please think about what you are doing before you do it. take care..........
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