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Default How to Change Your Avatar [with animations]

Step one:

a) Hover over My Profile, once logged in.

b) Click on Edit Personal, where you can edit your account information, Avatar, Subscriptions, and much more. If you're curious, clicking on Edit Display will edit the aesthetics of your profile, which others will also see! Show off your profile with a unique look.

Step two:

a) On the left, you'll see a list of links, which are like tabs for the main part of the page. Click Edit Avatar.

b) From here you can choose a preset avatar, upload one of your own, or use an image from elsewhere online by typing/pasting its direct link (also known as "URL").

You can acquire direct links of images by right clicking them and choosing the following, in the appropriate browser:

Firefox: "Copy Image Location"
Internet Explorer: "Copy Shortcut"
Google Chrome: "Copy Image URL"

Get creative with an image-editing program, and have yourself a unique avatar found nowhere else online!

NOTE: please be mindful of copyright, when using other people's images - it's always best to get permission. There are a number of websites offering "creative commons" images that you can use.

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