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Default Re: DD Chat Guidelines

I have DID and just how to watch the others I can now watch what they do but cant control them its like being in a dream state. Then there are times I today black out afraid that new presinabilitys are being born. Sometimes I will be on the phone and have no idea who im sleeping to or what I was saying. My others also spend money and I have packages coming that I dont know where they came from. I have 7 Know personalitys.
When I was in therapy I kept telling my T that i felt there were a lot of me. Because people would tell me I said or did something I did not do. Two of my bosses ask me if I had DID because of hand writing changes in my nurses notes. Then sometimes i would tell my T sorry I did not come to session and my T said I did come. Very scary even today. Dont like it cant get care for it because the new place I go to done not treat DID or think it real. Lost my old theorist about three years ago. Do to a conflict with one of my personality.

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