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Default How to post a pic on another Member's page

If you are new here, or new to posting pictures, or just having trouble with the site icons and instructions, this might help if you are trying to leave a nice picture on another member's home page.

Go to the person's page and work from there.

If the picture is on your hard drive, you will have to load it into an Album on PC, before you can post it. There is a tutorial for this, but briefly, open the New Albums, use Browse, select the picture on your computer, and select Upload, Name and Save.

If the picture is from a web site, you need to know how to Copy and Paste: these are tools accessed with the mouse buttons. (Left click is usually with your first finger, the most common one; Right click is with the middle finger, for hidden menus, generally.)

First you must isolate the web picture from it's home page. Right Click on the picture to see if it goes to a "stand alone" page, with an address in the search bar that ends with .jpg, .gif, .img, or other 3 letter codes. html will NOT work. Sometimes you have to left click and select Copy URL. a URL is the web address. If you see it when you Paste the pic onto PC, it will NOT open.

How to COPY a URL (web address): using the Right Button on the mouse, hold it down and drag it over the WHOLE address of the image you want to use. This will highlight (turn blue) the address. Right Click on that and select COPY from the little drop down menu. (It will be saved in your computer's short term memory.)

Once you have the pic all by itself, and the URL copied, go back to the member page and above the space where you type, you will see a little box with mountains and a moon in it, right above the letterbox with all the other options. " />. Click on this box and a long narrow window will open. Inside it will be [http:// ] highlighted in blue. Be sure not to undo the highlight by clicking on it~! With the [http:// ] highlighted in blue, put your mouse cursor in the box and left click, and select PASTE. You should see the URL appear in that box with "http://" at the beginning, and your .jpg, .gif, .img or other .3letter code at the end. Click OK.

Your picture's address with the code (at the end) should appear in the letter box. I cannot type in a picture code to show you as an example of what this should look like, because it will come out as a picture, and not as an example~!

I hope this has been helpful, and you enjoy sending and receiving many pictures from your PC friends~

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