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Confused Re: Welcome to Partners of People with Personality Disorders

My husband of 7 years just told me he is mentally ill. He has gotten progressively angrier, colder and more explosive over the last year and I knew something wasn't right and now he tells me he has "blackouts" and doesn't remember what he says to me. He threw things at me the other night and broke a chair back right off and it hit me in the head and he says it never happened but then admitted he has these "blackouts" where he has no memory of yelling at me or throwing stuff or asking for a divorce etc etc and I can't stop crying and am at my wit's end. WHAT is WRONG with him? He can be fine and calm but rarely happy, then gets silent and depressed, or he will work his rear end off around the house in a frenzy of activity, then do no activity for days and wants to sleep all the time...WHAT is going on? Can you help?
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