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Default Re: Telling primary doctor...

Wow, I'm sooo glad to know I'm not the only one! I've been avoiding any sort of physical checkup with my dr. I tried to tell her about my anxiety re: physicals, and she didn't even want to hear why. I got a lecture about how many other women go through the same things I have, etc etc. I'm sure it doesn't help that I am almost thirty and have only been able to realize/admit to myself (and slowly other people) that I'd been through any sort of trauma whatsoever. Always before I insisted that my childhood was fantastic. When you start remember this late, especially after mental health issues, many people see you as an attention seeker. Sigh, if only they knew.

I have contacted the local abuse medical centre, and am going to see if they can give me a name of a gentle, and very understanding gyn, and will do any sort of physical through him/her. I also have my t, who is also an MD, and he can let me know if different medical issues are caused by the ptsd and DID NOS, and then only actual medical issues will be discussed with my dr.

It is really sad that survivors/victims of abuse are often victimized again by the attitudes towards them

Anyways, thank you, so much for that!!

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