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Default Question for Doc John - on what I can POST?

</font><blockquote><div id="quote"><font class="small">Quote:</font>
DocJohn said:
This is a safe place where members of the community can go and discuss spiritual issues.

As a reminder, this is specifically not a place to debate issues of religion.

Welcome and enjoy!

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Dear Doc John.......

Can this involve helping a person that is having problems with IS GOD REAL OR NOT - for it is sure to bring up questions and comments from both sides of the fence and yet how is one to know unless they ask and listen to both sides?

Can one not discuss a topic of this kind without it having to become a debate just because all that post do not believe GOD is REAL?- is this not spiritual support as well, for one can believe in a higher power with out it having to be the God that most of know / hear of.

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