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Default Re: Welcome to Sharing Self-Help Ideas!!


I am glad to see a quick response from you.

You are exactly right! The five parts of a problem usually helps us see the problem more comprehensively. And, in addition, the five parts define the five main kinds of self-help (and therapy) methods available to therapists or self-helpers to change the problem. (Chapter 2 makes this a lot more clear.) I'm impressed you caught the duel purpose classification so quickly.

You have quite a routine for bed. It is well thought out and tailored for you. I would speculate that not only the meds and mental preparation help but just having a long, routine process preparing for sleep is an aid to falling to sleep. How long has it taken you to work out this routine?

I would guess you are feeling pretty confident that you are able to control your sleep (in spite of pain). Expections are a big help.

Often I make an assumption that the unconscious is getting some benefit from the problem behavior (in this case from the poor sleep) but, since you seem to be mastering sleep pretty well, we can't blame insomnea on the unconscious. (Maybe we can blame the pain on the unconscious...just kidding Yet, you may have discussed this with others in the group, but I'd be interested in the reasons for your loneliness.)

Let us know how the sleeping is going.

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