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I am going to "jump" right in here ... NOW. I have a host of problems in both areas. For over 40 yrs I have been my caregivers of this fact. I think they were somewhat "aware" of this but did not know "how" to express their concerns.

Psychological issues cause "real" physical pain, and physical pain causes psychological issues. It is, and always will be, a vicious circle. As I grow older, the circle seems to get bigger.

My main med Dx is Crhones Disease discovered in 1974. Emergency surgery saved my life. During my 30 day recovery in the hospital, I was told that Crhones is considered to be a "disease of anger." At that time I was a very angry person, but I had always "held it in." So who is to say??? Currently, I suffer from chronic bowel obstructions which require 3-4 days in the hospital, 4-6 times a year. Not pleasant!

I will not continue to bore you with my med history, but it is expansive. Summarily, there isn't anything left in me that they can take out. I am a cancer survivor as well.

My psych Dx is rapid cycling bipolar depression with suicidal ideation, and anxiety. The bipolar condition puts me in each day. With the right meds, I have survived and consider myself in recovery mode. However, some of my needs have been "cut". I no longer have a T, and I am finding this extremely difficult. I keep telling myself, "This, too, shall pass." Hope I am right. My Faith tells me it is.

Everyone take care! and stay
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