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Default Re: Quitting my meds

sunrise: The therapies spiritual_emergency mentioned sound very interesting. That would be fantastic if they were able to help you. I googled each of those approaches and the name of my city and didn't find anything, which is discouraging, as I would like to be able to suggest this to others locally. So maybe one might have to travel to an area that does have a practitioner? Or do the therapy on a self-help basis?

Chances are very good that people would have to rely on a combination of self-help, peer support, and whatever professional support they could find in their local jurisdiction. This will be impacted by what their insurance program covers which probably isn't much in the way of talk therapy if their diagnosis falls within a psychotic spectrum, and what they can afford to pay out of pocket. Again, this probably won't be much, especially if their ability to work has been impacted.

That doesn't mean all is lost however. All three of the programs above relied on forms of open, accepting and supportive talk therapy and most communities do have a pool of practioners who offer various forms of talk therapy, either as a primary or adjunct form of treatment.

There is also a great deal of information available about each of these programs on the internet. For example, Loren Mosher has a website on the Soteria approach as well as a published book by the same name. There have also been a number of studies done as related to Soteria and similar approaches (e.g. Soteria - Berne, Switzerland), many of which are available for no cost on the net.

Diabasis was a program strongly influenced by Jungian approaches. There is a Diabasis program in Prague in the Czech Republic but John Weir Perry has also written a number of books such as The Far Side of Madness, The Self in Psychotic Process, and Trials of the Visionary Mind. In addition, numerous resources on Jungian thought can be found for free on the net. Because this approach has worked very well for me, I've also collected a number of such articles on my blogs -- also available for free.

As for Open Dialogue Treatment, this is one of the most promising treatments currently out there. Here's why...


They're down to 2 cases per 100,000. A 90% decline in schizophrenia! And why? Because their first-episode cases are not becoming chronic.

- Robert Whitaker, author of Anatomy of an Epidemic

Video Trailer: Open Dialogue Treatment:
Previous to the implementation of the Open Dialogue approach the rate of schizophrenia in western Lapland was very high as compared with the rest of Finland -- 35/100,000 vs. 13/100,000. The rate has come down because people are recovering after their first episode of psychosis and not re-experiencing additional episodes after that. An Open Dialogue Treatment clinic is also slated to open in the US in the near future.

All of the above serve as models that can help guide actions taken on a personal or local level. For example, learning to interpret the symbolism of psychosis along Jungian lines may help people cope better with hallucinatory experiences and a local therapist may well be open to exploring Open Dialogue or Soterian approaches within a local therapeutic session. These very promising programs are not widely available so people will have to do their best to learn from them and then implement their practices to the best of their ability in their own lives and home towns.

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