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Default Re: Meet the Moderators and Administrators!

Q: What should you do if called by a panther?

And the winning reply is:
Don't anther. (Ogden Nash, 1938)
Q: What should you do if PM'd by a moderator or administrator?

And the winning reply is:
First, don't freak out. (DocJohn, 05-22-2009)

I was invited to tell you who I am. I've always found that a hard question to answer (which is a large part of the reason it took me so long to get around to it). The two previous answers that seem to work best for me are:
Here I Am, Wasn't I! (title of a book by Sheldon Kopp)
I Seem To Be a Verb (title of a book by R. Buckminster Fuller and others)

That was the good part; now for the boring details.

I had a miserable time in school and with my family of origin but felt better the farther I got from both. I had two years of therapy and it did seem to make a difference eventually, but I'm not sure I could say what the difference was. I've never been officially diagnosed with anything or if I have, no one told me about it. Some unreliable sources once told me I was schizoid. At the time I was afraid they might be right but now if I am, I don't seem to find it a problem. I got an absurdly low Sanity Score but I don't know if that means I'm really sane or really in denial. I once scored close to the line on a test for Asperger's, neither quite with it nor quite without. Most of my friends seem to think I'm a good friend, most of my neighbors seem to think I'm a good neighbor, most people I've done any work for seem to think I'm a valuable resource, and overall, I'm having a good time. Anyone still awake and reading? Just checking.

A friend had been coming here since about four years ago and inviting me to join them but I didn't actually take them up on it until about two years ago. I liked the quality of the conversation here; everyone was interested in pretty much the same subjects I was, such as how to deal with whatever might be bugging us at any given time. One of the best parts for me was that, unlike other online communities I'd been at, the conversation wasn't always getting drowned out by religion, politics, and nasty arguments. I've made some really great friends here. When I was invited to join the team, what scared me the most was that I didn't think I could do nearly as good a job as I'd seen being done during my first year here. About all I can say is... it's been one of the most interesting learning experiences ever.

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