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Default Re: Welcome to the Psychotherapy forum

Hello all,
Still debating if I really, really want to post here, but I figured at the very least I could post an intro. I've been seeing a psychologist for just about a year and a half. I've worked with two other therapists in the past, but never really got out of the therapy what I needed to. This time...the experience has been very helpful. It's been emotional, difficult, frightening, but I'm finally making progress. The previous two times I saw a therapist, my family was aware of it, and while I was never comfortable talking with my family about my experiences, I knew the option was there. This time, I'm doing the therapy completely for me...and no one, not friends nor family, knows that I'm seeing a therapist. I'm mostly very okay with that, but occasionally, I think it might be nice to talk to someone about my experience. So, here I am, hoping that this community might be the place to share some of what I'm going through.

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