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Default Re: Meet the Moderators and Administrators!

Hi. My name is darkpurplesecrets, known as dps, a moderator here. I have been here at PC for 3 years, (really longer but had to change my name once). I am disabled and trying to finish college to get my Psch degree. I have 3 children and 5 grandchildren.

I have DID which I am currently working through childhood trauma. It takes time to work through this, as it is a daily struggle. I have been in therapy for a long time but I have really made forward movement over the past 3 years.

I also suffer from Depression, an eating disorder, PTSD, and OCD. This all comes from childhood and my adult life, and I am working on it and getting better. PC has made a difference in my life and I am so grateful for this site and everyone here.

I am a chat leader and I love helping out others as it helps me. Being here daily and reading, supporting, encouraging, and sharing with all of you has been such a blessing in my life. Giving to others and hearing from all of you is what PC is all about. Reaching out to others has helped me to understand myself better.

Knowing we all are walking this path to recovery together makes it a little easier. Sometimes we walk together and sometimes we reach to help someone who is struggling or just beginning. Each person here is important, and we are not alone but walking together to give one another hope and support. What one person says can help the next and I have been helped by so many of you that I want to give back whenever I can.

I appreciate you all and care very much. I have learned in giving we receive. I love being here for others and doing what I can for you all here at PC. Trying to be sure PC is safe for all members is our goal. We each make up PC and without us all, we could not be a community. I look forward to serving the community and am here for you. If you need anything I will do my best to help.

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