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Default Re: Top Depression Resources Online -- Add yours here!

Originally Posted by drclay View Post
Depression Forum:

I have been impressed with many of the genuinely empathic responses on this forum. Most supportive responses sound like they really know the feeling of depression. So, do I because I have talked to and treated thousands of depressed people.

I have written a long chapter on Depression in my book (see the link below.) I hope it is helpful. There are many sources of help--therapy, groups, readings, friends and caring loved ones. If you can think of important ways to reduce the awful feelings of depression, please share your wisdom and personal experiences with me directly or on the Sharing Self-Help Ideas forum.

"How could you not bow in front of such a human being (Dr. Clay Tucker-Ladd)! This is a great work, done by a brilliant mind, with deep ideas that point to a better humanity and to a better person. But it’s not only that. I found outstanding the idea of UPDATING, improving the knowledge that was transmitted by the book - “Psychological Self-Help”- after refining the new discoveries, validated by time and experts in the field, through the great experience of the author. I wish to see that done in any field; now that Internet and thoughtful-to-the-best-of-all-and-brilliant people allow us to have access to their achieved-and-enhanced knowledge.

Achievements and knowledge without soul means nothing to me! But reading from the book (work) and applying the advice there, reading Dr. Clay’s biography that shows his determination in helping others; it is lifting my mood and “increasing my serotonin” more than any pill or advice! J Am I bipolar or something? I don’t think so! But I think a little help in having a better assessment now would be desired! It’s not the first time I wonder how crazy I am and in what regard…!
And how can I not be excited, when I see such great people still existing! I felt the same when learning about Einstein, Stephen Hawking (Usually I write his name with an –s, even though I have seen it so many times. Probably I need a “-s” to express his many dimensions development J as a human being), and from the Brancatan ( site or Andrew Vachss’ site or other great people that I love, admire for works and attitude like a person during their life. Too bad Mendeleev (oh, my God, WORD heard about… Mendeleev! “That was amazing!” Shall I check if they heard about Mangele too? Maybe it’s better not to! He wanted to be remembered as a brilliant mind no matter how much harm he did! And for that reason better not to be added, not even like an EVIL example!) We still have the dynamic “periodic table of elements” wonderful site as an updated, enchanted work of Mendeleev, connected to Wikipedia!
I wonder if Dr. Clay’s work COULD, and WOULD be transformed in something similar in every-day or self-help psychology science."

As a "Thank You" I just copied from my journal (I like to call it my Red Book :-)) I am sure Dr. Clay will understand my homage.
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