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Schema Therapy
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Derived from CBT, and sometimes referred to as CBT-S, Schema therapy was originally designed by Dr. J Young as a treatment for borderline personality disorder. It has now become more widely used to treat a host of other psychological issues. It focuses on the core beliefs and schema individuals develop in early life and how they permeate current behaviour. Through schema identification, empathic confrontation of the schemas and limited re-parenting patients are taught new alternative behaviours. Therapeutic alliance must be strong.


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Review Date: Sat May 26, 2007 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Total Spent: None indicated| Rating: 9 

Pros: close relationship with therapist and deeper examination of childhood influences than I got with CBT, also supposed to address issues that weren't helped by "insight" gained through other therapies
Cons: slower than CBT if that is important to you

there aren't side effects except for the standard anxieties and ruminations which go along with most therapies. I found my experiences with a CBT T frustrating as he seemed to think that exploration of past traumas was just a distraction and that it would not be helpful. I feel schema digs a little deeper. I am not that far into it yet, but my understanding is that it is ideal for those who don't do well in other types. People who won't/can't do homework in CBT, or people who are unable to integrate insights made in psycoanalytic therapy. It is shorter than PA but longer than CBT. There is strong emphasis on the therapist-patient relationship, and there is some limited reparenting. As i understand it, it means as we unravel where the patterns originated we will begin exercises meant to confront those patterns. Schemas are beliefs, not just thoughts or ideas. They are tough to dislodge and so often people with schema issues don't do so well with traditional CBT. I have greta hopes for this process for myself. It has been a life saver. My only complaint is that therapy costs keep it out of the hands of many who may need it, and insurance companies tend to prefer shorter processes for costs.


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