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Unread 07-13-2013, 08:38 PM   #1
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Default Freshly aware of ongoing bipolar disorder.

Hello, Im a 26 yr old white bachelor with no kids. Been going through a rough couple years and I seem to be in a self destructive pattern even though Im honest and only try to do good for others. The past couple years have gotten me to see where I share certain traits with people I know diagnosed as being bipolar. Im finally seeking help now that Ive seen the way I react to stressful situatikns and do not wish this pattern to continue. These mental issues, along with a recurring inguinal hernia are preventing me from earning a living. i have exhausted my resources and cant seem to overcome the anxieties to properly provide for myself, let alone my physical ailments. My future from here seems dismal and I would really appreciate some good professional help and how i may get an actual diagnosis of what im dealing with.

thank you for any time you have
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Default Re: Freshly aware of ongoing bipolar disorder.

Hello ElGnomie! Welcome to Psych Central! I hope you are able to find some help and resources to deal with your struggles. It's very difficult to have to keep rebuilding a work history. I wish you well and hope you feel supported here. Enjoy the forums!
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Default Re: Freshly aware of ongoing bipolar disorder.

Hello ElGnomie.. I am sorry you are facing this.. I was hospitalized a number of years back.. And eventually wound up at the mental health center in my community.. They offer treatment for free.. If you are low income.. So, if you have one of those, I would give that a try.. I hope things work out for you.. Also, if you are incapable of working.. It might be a good idea to check out your social security office.. See if you can get on disability..
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Default Re: Freshly aware of ongoing bipolar disorder.

Hello, ElGnomie, and welcome to Psych Central! We are a self-help community, so we don't diagnose nor offer professionals to do treatment on members. However, you can search around your area for a psychiatrist and/or a therapist. These professionals would do the diagnosing.

We do offer forums for people with different diagnoses, including a Bipolar forum. You might want to look that one over, as well as check out what else we have to offer here. Again, welcome!
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Default Re: Freshly aware of ongoing bipolar disorder.

Wow, thanks for the warm welcome everybody. Im glad my queries on google brought me here. Until now Ive never realized my own need for psychiatric care. ive always been a strong person and usually the one lending support to those with low self esteem. I know I wont be properly diagnosed through this forum. However, Im fairly certain through my own research and what ive helped others through in tbeir lives Im in the right ball park for what ales me. Been kinda nerve racking coming to grips that I need mental help due to people's general apprehensive nature towards psych patients and also my own independant nature. i do not like relying on others nor asking so much as for favors. But this open reception to the community is quite uplifting in my time of need. Didnt know what actions to take for myself and Im already gaining guidance, thank you for responding everybody. im here to gain insight and possibly lend some of my own. afterall we all live different lives and each person has their own perspective. and mine is beginning to look a lil brighter
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Default Re: Freshly aware of ongoing bipolar disorder.

Hi ElGnomie,

Welcome to Psych Central! Sorry that you're in such pain ~ physical and emotional. That's never any fun or easy to control. I've attached some links to forums that may be especially helpful to you now. Please do check them out!

Just a little FYI, forum moderators must approve all new members first five posts before posts begin to show immediately after "enter". At that point, that's when member groups and the chat rooms will open to new members.

Relationships & Communication - Forums at Psych Central

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Recipes & Healthy Living - Forums at Psych Central
I am currently not moderating. If you have any questions or concerns with PC, please contact another moderator or administrator. Thank you.

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