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Unread 11-01-2013, 03:34 PM   #1
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Default depression

We went to visit my husbans nephew in Indiana. Now he says he will visit us around Christmas. The problem is semce I have been depressed I have not kept the house up. Even though we have to Xmas I don,t think we can get it clean enough. We have a 10 room house and I just do not have the energy to clean it. My husbandfs says we can,t turn them down and he will help me but this has not worked out in the past. If it were up to me I just would not answer the phone. Help
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Default Re: depression

Can you get a maid service in?
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Default Re: depression

Depressed, with a ten-room house and relatives coming...

Yes, you do need help. Do you have the resources to call in professional house cleaners? Conversely, is your husband capable of taking on the job himself with only minimal help from you? Or, would you and/or your husband be able to tolerate a less-than-perfect home for the visit?
Originally Posted by shery53 View Post
If it were up to me I just would not answer the phone.
I don't blame you.
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Default Re: depression

Will he be in all the rooms at any point? You could just clean the main ones. I understand how it is. I stopped cleaning when I was in my deepest depression, and now my house is in ruins because of it. I never feel comfortable when someone comes over. Constantly making excuses for them not to.
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Default Re: depression

Break it down into small pieces. One room at a time. I would clean the room that the nephew willl use and close the door to the rest. Then all you have to do is the kitchen and where you will entertain. just remember small pieces and don't be afraid to ask your husband to do specific jobs. The more specific you are the more chances you have of getting it done. Good luck.

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Default Re: depression

If you can afford it, please get external help, as bronze owl, I always postpone hiring somebody to help cleaning, it is the stupidest thing I do, because they are really helpful
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Default Re: depression

Sometimes I have seen people cleanbeforethe cleaners come over. If you are comfortable with somebody cleaning your house, do it! Life is too short Shery.
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