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Unread 05-10-2013, 05:06 AM   #1
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Shocked Sometimes i feel so alone!

Sometimes i feel alone where no one can help me!
I talk to my parents they are the only one i trust
but sometimes i try not to put to much stress on them
Since they are older!! I don't know what happens
I feel so low!! It's depression I know but wow after
I get back up i wonder how do I get so low to the point
I do think about how i could kill myself and
No one find my body its crazy!!
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Default Re: Sometimes i feel so alone!

Sometimes Ive felt like depression is like a pendulum. You feel low, then high, then low again. I think what causes that is that we are having some problem we try and work out and we find some solution, even if its temporary, it lifts up our spirits enough to feel 'ok' for awhile but then it comes back when we find out our solution isnt the permanent one and we are back to where we started. But we're not really back where we started. We learned one thing that worked a little bit and then it failed us. We have to keep picking up the pieces til we find the thing that lasts permanently. then the pendulum stops swinging and we can feel steady again. Dont give up! Keep trying! Eventually you'll get there!
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Default Re: Sometimes i feel so alone!

Well said allimsaying!!!
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Default Re: Sometimes i feel so alone!

Dear Elena ~ Just remember that suicide is a "permanent solution to a temporary problem." And it is !

Depression can be a temporary problem too if we look for the solutiion. I don't know how old you are -- and I don't know if you have insurance or not. But even if you have Medicaid you can get mental health help.

Talk to your medical doctor. He can refer you to a good therapist. Therapy can help alot with depression.

If you can do therapy, the just see your medical doctor. He can put you on medication to help. I've been on medication for many many years, and it's helped me immensely! So talk with your doctor, okay?

God bless and please take care. Hugs, Lee
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